Stirling Agricultural Centre tenants launch 12.5km Challenge for RSABI

Businesses at Stirling Agricultural Centre (SAC) are gearing up for a fun 12.5-kilometre (km) Challenge as part of the RSABI’s #Challenge125 initiative.


All fifteen businesses based at United Auctions’ 52-acre site in the City of Stirling are on board with teams of four ready for a friendly competition to complete 12.5km in the fastest time.


The teams will be using four exercise machines in situ at the Agricultural Centre. They’ll be racing against the clock to achieve 2.5km on the treadmill and the rowing machine, 1km on the cross trainer and 6.5km on the spin bike.


The 12.5km Challenge is being spearheaded by leading property consultancy, Galbraith who is the largest tenant at Stirling Agricultural Centre. Galbraith is also the main sponsor of the world-famous Stirling Bull Sales, which welcomes more than 22,000 visitors to the Forth Valley  across the three annual events in February, May and October.


Staff members at Galbraith are keen to get everyone at the SAC involved before 26th August to help celebrate the RSABI’s 125th anniversary this year.


Lottie Cameron of Galbraith said: “The RSABI’s #Challenge125 is a great opportunity to have some fun and friendly competition amongst all the businesses within the office building. The equipment in the concourse at Stirling Agricultural Centre is all new and allows everyone a quick bit of exercise before heading home for the evening. We would welcome all Stirling-based businesses to come along to the Agri Centre and take part in the 12.5km challenge.”


Each team will gain sponsorship or donate to raise funds for the RSABI with the competition shared on social media.


Lynn Blaikie, President of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce, said: “This 12.5km Challenge from Galbraith is a great way to unite the Forth Valley businesses at the Stirling Agricultural Centre and across Stirlingshire in some friendly competition that supports and raises funds for the RSABI’s #Challenge125 initiative for their anniversary year. The Challenge will also boost social connections, health and wellbeing.”


The 12.5km challenge is part of United Auctions’ goal of 50,000km towards the RSABI’s overall target of 125,000km.


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