Local Policing Plan 2023 – 2026

The Chief Constable is responsible for the delivery of policing in Scotland. Section 47 of the Police & Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012 requires that the local police commander must prepare a ‘Local Police Plan’.

Developing these plans offers the opportunity to work together with local partners and communities to understand the priorities for your local areas and adjust or improve what Police Scotland can do to keep people safe. These plans are shaped by a range of views, data and assessment, including public feedback. Local policing teams have been out and about across Scotland over several months. They have also reviewed feedback from the Your Police survey, as well as partner and stakeholder feedback.

An online survey helps Police Scotland to test how they have translated what people told them into the priorities for your area – the things they will do as your local policing division to respond to threat, risk and harm and keep people safe.

The survey can be accessed on their website here and is open until 12 February 2023. It is respectfully requested that this be circulated to your staff to give them the opportunity to submit a response, and if appropriate shared as you see fit – the survey is open to all!

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