Think Before you Link – The new safety app from NPSA

NPSA has now launched an innovative new app allowing users of social media and professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to better identify the hallmarks of fake profiles used by foreign spies and other malicious actors. The app has been developed with behavioural scientists to include features such as a profile reviewer, which will help individuals identify potentially fake profiles and report anything they deem suspicious. Search NPSA on the google or apple play stores to download the app or click HERE for more information.

The Threat

What? Hostile actors using online platforms to approach individuals

Why? Recruitment of UK nationals to provide them with sensitive information

How? Approaching individuals online offering ‘unique’ business opportunities

Who? Those who:

  • Identify as an employee or member of HMG or Civil Service
  • Identify as working in the private sector or academia with access to classified or commercially sensitive technology or research

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