Dr Liz Cameron CBE: Exports are building blocks of growth and prosperity

In the 31st July edition of the Herald, SCC Chief Executive, Dr Liz Cameron CBE, highlights exporting and international trade as essential paths to boosting Scotland’s attractiveness and growth.

Excerpt from the article:

Exporting and international trade are vital components of the Scottish and UK economy.

Despite valid concerns on growth prospects as inflation and economic uncertainty persist, it is trade between nations that serves as one of the best placed routes to boosting growth.

International trade opens connections, increases incomes and can reduce poverty here at home and across the world.

Chambers of Commerce stand on the firm foundation that growth in exports drives job creation, boosts productivity and strengthens business resilience. This is backed up by evidence that exporting is good for the economy and for our communities.

To take advantage of the exciting opportunities in these emerging markets, exporters need to see a pragmatic approach from government, grounded in partnership with firms on the ground.


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