Culture & Business Scotland statement in response to SNP Investment in Sector

Culture & Business Scotland statement

David Watt, Chief Executive of Culture & Business Scotland, said in response to the announcement:


“We welcome the funding announcement made yesterday (Tuesday Oct 17) by the Scottish Government, recognising the national and international value of our renowned cultural identity.


“Not only does our culture define our national identity, it also brings untold benefits to our economy and plays a crucial role in shaping us as individuals too. We’ve seen a chronic lack of investment in our arts and culture sector for some years, and this commitment will go some way in rectifying that.


“The First Minister’s pledge to doubling investment in Scottish culture over the next five years will, we hope,  help stabilise the sector and gradually restore it to good health, while also making a key contribution to our collective national aspirations, socially, civically and economically speaking.


“This positive investment will also go some way to generating a more positive cycle and help to secure the further investment that the industry needs to meet its full, exponential potential.”


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