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In-House Talent Acquisition Specialists.

About Creegan Talent

Creegan Talent provides embedded talent acquisition support specifically for startups, scaleups and SMEs in any sector.

What does this mean? Here’s the summary:

– Delivery of on-site, 360-degree talent support for any business in any sector.
– We strengthen your candidate experience by becoming the main focal point for all your recruitment, taking pressure off you and your teams. Responding quickly and proactively to candidates is where so many businesses lose out on top talent. It’s not malicious, it’s just that you’re busy running your business!
– We strengthen your employer brand by helping build your employee value proposition and marketing it effectively
– We help create a recruitment strategy with short-, medium- and long-term plans allowing you to be structured when it comes to acquisition – meaning you can focus on retention
– We deliver proactive recruitment – this means we network with the best talent in your market long before you have a vacancy, smoothing the pathway to them joining the business
– We help you create modern and attractive job adverts that will get your company seen and fully represent the culture, values and ambitions of your business – meaning you can attract the right kind of people, not just the technical skills required.

Quite simply, we become part of your team and learn to live and breathe your business, supporting you to navigate this pesky talent market that we all know about – all the while, remaining a completely outsourced and flexible resource to you.

We are also one of the only consultancies in the UK that deliver bespoke recruitment training, so if you have an existing HR or Talent team that could use some support on any of the things mentioned, let us know.


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