Graduate Apprenticeships at the University of Dundee

About Graduate Apprenticeships at the University of Dundee

Develop your workforce to honours degree level at no additional cost to your business with a fully funded Graduate Apprenticeship.

We have partnered with Skills Development Scotland to offer fully funded easily accessible Graduate Apprenticeship places to help businesses continue to invest in their workforce at no additional cost.

The programme gives employers the opportunity to develop an unlimited number of new or current members of their workforce to degree level in five areas:

Business Management
Civil Engineering
Engineering, Design and Manufacturing
IT Management for Business
IT Software Development

Apprentices spend one day a week studying at University and remaining four days a week in their role. At the end of four years they will receive the same level of qualification as someone who has studied full time but with the addition of four years’ industry experience.

Our Graduate Apprenticeships are suitable for both current and new employees, who are at least 16 years of age with no maximum age, who would like to develop their skills and experience.

Studying on the programme must lead to a higher level of qualification in a new area of learning.

Great for those who are completing or have completed a Foundation or Modern Apprenticeship and would like to develop further.

Also suitable for school leavers with relevant qualifications who would like to work whilst continuing their education. As the programme is fully-funded, it provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses of all sizes to develop their workforce at no cost to themselves (bar the employees wage for the day they are at the University).

The application process has also been designed to be simple and easy, allowing businesses to join the programme in a smooth and seamless way.

Described as “the best of both worlds” by Director of KMsoft Katherine Thomson, the Skills Development Scotland funded programme has already brought new knowledge and skills into a variety of businesses, whilst increasing staff morale, productivity and retention.

More information on the Graduate Apprenticeship Programme can also be found at


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