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About MCR Pathways

MCR Pathways is a national, award-winning mentoring programme. The MCR Charity was established in 2007 to support young people, including those who are care-experienced, or have experienced disadvantage, to help them realise their full potential through education.

Our aim is to help young people unlock their potential, no matter their circumstances. Working together with our inspiring mentor community and partners, we can help young people to realise their skills and progress onto a positive destination. Our vision is for all young people to experience an equality of education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances.

At the core of the MCR Pathways programme is 1:1 relationship-based mentoring focused on building confidence, belief and self-esteem. Mentors spend an hour each week listening to and encouraging a young person in their school.

As well as the life-changing impact on a young person, volunteers also benefit, gaining new skills in active listening, communication and leadership, as shown by the increasing number of organisations who support their staff to volunteer with MCR.

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