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About Scotland’s Mister Networking

Hello, I’m Colin McKeand, often referred to as Scotland’s Mister Networking.

  • Are you just not getting the results and returns for all the time, effort, energy and money you are investing in your Networking activities?
  • Are you nervous about any form of Networking – Face to Face or Virtual?
  • Are you attending lots of Networking events and meetings but it’s not translating into sales?
  • Do you get frustrated when people just don’t seem to be interested in you or your business?
  • Would you like to know the best Networking events to attend for you and your business?
  • I know how you feel, I felt the same way too over the years. I have therefore decided to pass on my experiences to help you network more confidently and effectively, so you get real results and returns from your Networking activities!


Twenty years ago, I was the world’s worst Networker, I have learned the hard way believe me, I nearly gave it up at one point. Fast forward to the present, I now teach the art of business networking to others, from large corporate companies to individuals just like you, and everything in-between.

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