Susi Sinclair Brand Consultant

Brand consultant, designer and storyteller working with brands, agencies and like-minded creatives.

About Susi Sinclair Brand Consultant

Hello, I’m Susi, a brand consultant, designer and storyteller based in central Scotland.

I am an experienced brand strategist and creative director with over 25+ years experience working with a range of UK brands, from global brands including Glenmorangie and HSBC to independent players including Base Spirits and Rapscallion Soda.

I work collaboratively with clients to support every stage of the branding process. From mapping out your brand’s philosophy and core purpose to the development of your brand’s personality and tone of voice to a clearly defined comms strategy with a meaningful narrative to crafting clever, creative solutions, with some great copywriting to round it all off.

I’m not just about branding, if you have a design or copywriting project you need some support with I’m here for that too, but I always have my eye on the bigger picture to make sure whatever piece of work I’m creating aligns with your business focus.

So I’m here for it all, whether it’s a humungous branding project, some dinky design work, or a wordsmith task.

If you have a project in mind or your agency needs extra creative support, please feel free to get in touch. I promise no pushy sales, just a nice easy chat to see if I can help.

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