About TZAR!

Tzaritsa Asante is a posterity-thinking designer & entrepreneur. In 2020 she founded TZAR! a capsule collection working toward sustainability, empowerment of people within the industry through tackling modern slavery, and global diversity.

Committed to celebrating the difference in style & culture, Tzaritsa draws from a long career in International Development across 3 continents. This has enabled her to be suitably cross-culture in approach, whether strategic or grassroots whilst understanding the intersectionality of climate change, and local to global societal impacts.

Together with partners from various backgrounds/industries, she has embarked on a journey that lends itself to asking challenging questions within the fashion industry. She strives for sustainable alternatives in collaboration with circular economy specialists to enable continuous improvements that foster a more inclusive, fairer & ecologically sound brand that is fit for purpose & profit.

She has aligned herself with pioneers within the textile industry, championing sustainability, by harnessing the ancient wisdoms of overlooked societies; partnering them with new technologies to support human development & low carbon manufacturing.

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