Chamber Champions

Introducing our Chamber Champions! We are proud to showcase the individuals who epitomisededication, advocacy, and unwavering support for Forth Valley Chamber and our mission. These champions are a contributing force behind to success, consistently going above and beyond to champion our cause and amplify our voice within the community!

Meet Our Champions

Brian McGregor,

Henrys Coffee Company

“I consider it a real privilege to be nominated as a ‘Chamber Champion’ by Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce. 

Henry’s Coffee Company have been members of the chamber for more than 5 years now and we have enjoyed great value from our membership from the get go.

Where we have derived greatest benefit…

  1. The networking opportunities that have introduced us to some wonderful customers and like- minded business people
  2. The efforts made by the chamber, on regular occasion, to promote our business in the local community and beyond
  3. The real sense of belonging and caring extended by the management team at the chamber providing access to some very useful business resources.

I am a great fan and wholeheartedly recommend the value of membership.” 

Graeme Clark,

Ochil Fudge

“I am delighted and proud to be a member of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce. Since joining several years ago, Lynn and the team have provided outstanding support and resources to our business.

Being an active member has been an invaluable experience.

The Chamber has proven to be an essential hub for networking, connecting me with like-minded professionals and potential clients. The numerous events and seminars organized by the Chamber have not only expanded my knowledge but also fostered meaningful relationships within the community, I’d love to attend more as it really is a thriving hub of activity and is incredibly well supported by other members.

The Chamber’s commitment to promoting local businesses is commendable. Their initiatives have played a pivotal role in creating a thriving business environment, and I have personally witnessed the positive impact on the growth and success of my own venture.

It has not only helped grow my network but has been a reliable source of information, offering insights into market trends, legislative changes, and various opportunities for business development.

I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic and influential organization. The Chamber has exceeded my expectations in every aspect, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any business looking to thrive and contribute to the prosperity of our community.”

Janis Bovaird Martinez,

Bovaird Consulting

“I always look forward to attending the events that Forth Valley Chamber Of Commerce provides for its members.  

They offer a range of welcoming events that are always an informative and supportive environment for business leaders to meet, connect and to learn from each other.  

For example, through the Let’s Network events, I have visited several local businesses and learned about the valuable services they offer for Forth Valley.  I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do this without being a member!  

I have made many great connections and friendships & have also had the opportunity to collaborate with other local Business Leaders.  

I am delighted to be nominated as a Chamber Champion, and look forward to continuing my support of the fantastic work done by Lynn & her team in keeping Forth Valley businesses connected and collaborating.”

John Pryde,

“I am absolutely thrilled to be awarded this title from Forth Valley Chamber. I have to say that having been part of this Chamber for almost two years having returned to Stirling from the South of England, it became very apparent to me that FV Chamber had become a very energised and dynamic community of business professionals where there is a very clear willingness from all members, to collaborate, to partner and support each other when the opportunity presents itself.  

The well organised and beautifully executed events of which there are many, provide the perfect setting for all members to come together for the common goal of doing business and I might add where new friendships are formed. I wish to thank Lynn Harris President,  under whose stewardship the Forth Valley Chamber has and continues to flourish.”

Karen Somerville,

Angel’s Share Glass

“As a chamber member I feel looked after and get any questions answered easily about certain businesses aspects, from exporting to events, just reaching out and asking a question can solve a problem big or small. Nothing is ever a problem and generally by connecting with the other chamber members or by the team themselves questions get answered. Being a member is both reassuring and rewarding.”

Keith Docherty,

KJD Solutions

“I have found my membership to the Chamber to be a priceless offering that is so much more than just business support services.  Friendships, partnerships and a great source of referrals for my business have all come from taking part in the well run monthly events and the support given to my business has been hugely beneficial.   

Membership of the FVCC truly is having a friend helping you in business and I am very proud to be a member.”

Louise Evison,

Evison Business

“I have been a member of Forth Valley Chamber through my business, Evison Consulting, for 4 years, but I have been involved with the Team at the Chamber for a lot longer. They do a fantastic job supporting and promoting the businesses of Forth Valley and flying the flag for the area. They are always on hand when information is needed or to make strategic connections. Since being a Chamber member, I have attended a large number of their networking events, and utilised the new website and a number of member benefits. Access to Quest has helped me with Tender documents and Westfield Health has allowed me peace of mind. The Chamber team is friendly, approachable, effective and dedicated to their members and adding real value to businesses in the area. I always tell my clients what a great job they do and would not hesitate to recommend membership to anyone.”

Olivia Mount,

Stirling University Innovation Park

“I consider it a real privilege to be nominated as a Chamber Champion by Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce. I’m lucky enough to share an office with the Chamber team and I have the joy of witnessing firsthand the incredible work that the Chamber is conducting every day to strengthen the Forth Valley business community.   

The dedication, drive and passion of the team is simply remarkable. Through valuable digital updates, countless events and endless networking opportunities, the team does a tremendous job encouraging connections and inspiring positive change in the local business world.  

I’m delighted to be part of the Chamber family and love banging that drum and shouting about how fantastic our local Chamber is!”

Phillip Harris,


“Being a member of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  

The chamber consistently hosts great events that offer valuable insights into various industries and business practices, while also fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among its members.  

The opportunity to network with a diverse group of professionals has opened opportunities to new partnerships and collaborations, and it’s a great platform where ideas and aspirations meet, and I’ve found it to be an invaluable resource for building connections and working collaboratively with fellow members.”

Rebecca Maxwell,

Perception Insights

“I joined Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce as soon as I established my strategy & leadership consulting business, Perception Insights and I can safely say it was the best decision I made. As a business strategist, I know the value of having a strong network around me – for opportunities, resources & support. Through the Chamber I’ve made some really valuable business connections – and more importantly, some great friends.  Everyone I’ve met – Chamber Team & members are like – has been welcoming, friendly & supportive – not to mention, inspirational. Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce is an essential resource for any business owner in the Forth Valley area and an investment every business owner should prioritise.”

SJ Dale,

Progress Partners Limited

“I have long been a huge fan of Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce for their genuine commitment to supporting local businesses. The talented Chamber team has built an incredible community with local people at its heart that I am very proud to be a part of. 

 By attending Chamber networking and events I have made invaluable connections that have helped both me and my business to thrive. I have always been pleased to shout about the brilliant work of Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce because I’ve seen and experienced the real difference it makes, and I am thrilled to be among the group of supporters known as the Chamber Champions.”

What Sets Our Champions Apart:

Passion for Advocacy: Our champions possess a passion for advocating on behalf of our chamber and its members. They are dedicated to promoting our interests and ensuring our organisation is known across the community.

Commitment to Excellence: Each champion exemplifies a commitment to excellence in everything they do. Whether it’s attending events, rallying support, or facilitating new members, they consistently strive for greatness and set the bar high for others. All whilst, committing to excellence in their own professional roles.

Friendly Faces: These 11 Chamber Champions are friendly, welcoming and supportive of all our members! Whether you are new to the network and need a friendly face to show you the ropes, or you are a long term member who just fancies a catchup with a chamber champ, our 11 representative will have you covered!

Join us in celebrating our Chamber Champions and their remarkable contributions to our organistion and community. Together, we are stronger, bolder, and more determined than ever to make a lasting impact. Thank you for your unwavering support!