Chamber Customs

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Chamber Customs

Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce is able to offer customs declarations and T1 transit documents via our ChamberCustoms service which is here to help traders declare their goods to customs and clear them through UK ports.

The ChamberCustoms network has direct links to ALL sea, air and road inventory linked ports in the UK which puts us in a unique position to offer this service, no matter where your goods are coming in and out of the UK. ChamberCustoms are the only customs broker in the country that can currently offer this and with a UK wide network we offer a fast, reliable and knowledgeable service.

HMRC predicts that from the 31st December 2020 the number of customs declarations required will increase from 55 million to 300 million annually across the UK. This is due to the fact that traders will need to complete declarations for goods travelling to and from the EU after Brexit.

With over 100 years’ experience in international trade you can be confident that the Chamber Network is fully HMRC compliant and has your best interests in mind.

For any custom declaration enquiries and to start the process of using this service please email the Chamber Documentation Team; Adrienne Howard and Julie Coulter. or call 01292 678 666.

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