A Practical Guide to Affordable Security for Small and Medium Businesses

Join us for an insightful presentation tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) navigating the cybersecurity landscape on a budget. In this session, we will explore practical strategies and cost-effective solutions to enhance your organisation’s security posture without breaking the bank.




  • Brief overview of the importance of cybersecurity for SMBs.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

  • Open-Source Security Tools: Discover reliable tools that boost security without hefty licensing fees.
  • Employee Training Platforms: Explore cost-effective online training to keep your team informed.
  • Cloud Security Services: Learn about affordable cloud-based solutions for robust protection.
  • Managed Security Services: Consider outsourcing for expert security solutions on a budget.
  • Security Awareness Programs: Develop in-house programs to engage employees in safeguarding the organisation.

External Resources

  • Government Initiatives: Explore reduced-cost cybersecurity guidance from government resources.
  • Collaborative Threat Intelligence: Advocate for industry collaboration to enhance security.
  • Cyber Insurance: Discuss the proactive measure of investing in cyber insurance.

Internal Strategies

  • Prioritise Security Investments: Identify critical areas for focused and cost-effective security.
  • Frequent Updates and Patching: Emphasise the importance of keeping systems up to date.

Q&A Session

  • Engage with our cybersecurity experts in a live Q&A session to address specific concerns.


04 Mar 2024


9:30 am - 11:00 am


Raymond Setchfield
0131 560 6750