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We would like to offer Forth Valley Chamber Members 20% off ‘Back Fit’, our 6 week online course for Low Back Pain. Members must follow the normal procedure to register and use FVCC20 as a voucher when asked for payment.

Back Fit™

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Take control of YOUR back pain!

Back Fit is a 6 week online course delivered by Chartered Physiotherapist, David Bowmaker educating you how you can help yourself manage your symptoms, and guiding you through a progressive movement, mobility and strengthening programme to get you back doing what you love to do.


To improve your understanding of Low Back Pain.

To help address the fear of moving and deconditioning that can occur with Low Back Pain.

To give you short and long term strategies to help you take control of your situation:
minimise frequency and severity if you have recurrent episodes of Low Back Pain;
restore optimal function if you have had an acute episode of Low Back Pain.
improve/maximise function if you have chronic Low Back Pain;

To give you a variety of exercise options through better understanding of your presentation.

To signpost resources that can be utilised to help manage your Low Back Pain which address important issues out with the scope of this programme.

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