Free Brand Audit

Susi Sinclair: Brand creator, designer & storyteller

Free Brand Audit

So, your business has been growing, evolving, and heading off in directions you never thought possible. Your once spanky new brand is no longer living up to expectations. Or maybe when getting your business up and running, a logo and website were all you needed, but now you’ve paused to take a breath, you realise your brand needs a bit more ta-dah.

That’s where a Brand Audit can help.

A Brand Audit is a chance to get to grips with your brand, helping to determine its strengths and weaknesses and identifying areas to bolster and develop to align with your future-plans.

During your Audit, we’ll have a look at the following:
• Where your business is at and where it’s heading.
• Your current customers, and your future customers.
• The core values of your brand; purpose, vision, and mission.
• The human values of your brand; personality, and tone of voice.
• Do your values, along with your visual and written language, align with your plans?
• Review branded collateral, including print, digital and social, and your chosen
marketing channels and strategy.

If you would like a free Brand Audit, drop me an email at, and I’ll send you a link to short(ish) brand questionnaire. Once complete and submitted, we’ll get a catch up organised to review your questionnaire and chat through some finer details. I will then collate all this information and write a personalised report outlining your current brand and its performance, along with recommendations of where it can be improved, and what steps you need to take.

Please bear in mind, brand audits take time and I can only offer a limited amount, so it’s a first come first serve basis.