Free Financial Education sessions for Local Employers

DWM Financial Planning

Free Financial Education sessions for Local Employers

The wellbeing of your employees is an important aspect of running a business and research shows that money and mental health are invariably linked. Many employees say that worrying about money affects their ability to do their job, and not all of them feel comfortable opening up about those worries to their employer.

Fellow Chamber Member, Kelly Devlin of DWM Financial Planning, is offering local employers free financial education sessions for their employees. 

These can cover a range of topics that are specifically tailored to the needs and life stage of the workforce.

So far, Kelly has found that those who attend get a lot out of the sessions and ask lots of questions, and there are booklets that attendees can refer back to. If you’d like to take proactive steps to improve the wellbeing of your workforce, then she would be delighted to help.

Please contact Kelly Devlin directly on 07879 100647, or by email